Design updates and new search criteria

New stream design – improvements on the layout of specific post entries, new file type logos, new video dimensions and button sizes. New navigation menu design – now includes a description of each section for desktop and landscape tablet resolutions. Fixed the reference request emails to ensure that links were […]

The new support system and other developments

Design improvements New module design on applicant home page including live information on how many opportunities, events and connections are available to the user. Added a home button icon to the applicant area. Improved feedback messages on registration. New contact icons on organisation contact details pod. More developments and redesigns […]

Redesigns and homepage changes

General Redesign of the SkillsWeb menus as we’ve made a change from the small non-hierarchical menu drop downs. We then proceeded to add these sections above, with subsections underneath. The homepage had twitter widget integrated into the system.            Allows organisations to enable/disable widget. Sport England have invested £1.5 million a year of lottery funding […]

Some new features for you

General Improved the styling and linking within the weekly news update email. Tracking has also been improved on this email to allow us to check sending breakdowns. A single opportunity can now be shown across site deployments. I.e. when an opportunity has been created in Sport Makers you (the admin) […]