What packages are available?

By breaking ProfileGuru down into a number of packages we are able to offer a more flexible platform to suit a wide variety of needs. The following list provides some information on the packages currently available however they may not be suitable or available for some organisations.

Core Package

  • 23 fields of data
  • Report on data
  • Filtered searching with totals
  • Endorse qualifications
  • Group emailing
  • News feed & article management
This covers the core data fields and reporting. Users can register and complete their profile and Administrators can view, update and export their data.
Once the users have registered you may want to communicate with them and post/email articles to your database. This includes a batch emailing system, article publishing system and ability to perform batch operations from search results.

Standards Package

  • Assign operating standards
  • Reference requests
 The standards package provides a framework for continued and monitored up-skilling of the workforce. This component includes the assigning of standards, creating of custom standards and the workflows to verify a number of different types of standards.

Content Package

  • Content management system
  • Upload documents and assets
Where the site installations include more than 5 content pages the content management system is required to take control of the content through ByngControl.

Event Booking Package

  • Event & course bookings
  • Online payments with PayPal
  • Course availability checker
  • Training needs register
The event booking system takes online bookings for courses, seminars and training events. It also allows for event sharing between partners, applicant exporting and payment with some online payment systems.
Provide areas for individuals to add their availability for courses and also maintain a list of qualifications they wish to attain. On the administrator side this gives access to the Education module to manage and act on the submitted information.

Bursaries Package

  • Tracked schemes
  • Interview requests
  • Mentoring schemes
  • Personal development plan
  • Training needs analysis
Provide a registration process for scholarship and bursary schemes online resulting in a user registration. Run mentoring schemes with interviews, interview reports and training needs analyses. Once submitted the individual can access these through their account.

Opportunity Matching Package

  • Provider account links
  • Opportunity matching
  • Session journalling
Create a self-matching and journaling framework through which providers register opportunities for individuals to submit interest and confirm their placement online. The journaling feature allows detailed reporting on activity registered through the system.

Agency Online Package

  • Provider account links
  • Applicant requests
  • Schedule placements
Designed to support an agency workflow of receiving requests for applicants, finding a placement and managing the costs with the employers. Create weekly schedules for applicants and optimise the use of their time at the agency.


Affiliate Package

  • Manage Affiliates account
Create a joined up local network by providing access to the administrator tools to chosen organisations. Affiliates provide the ability to income generate through the sale of access to these organisations.

MailChimp Integration Package

  • Connect with your MailChimp account
  • Export applicant search results directly to a MailChimp list
  • Automatically updates MailChimp lists
Connect your CoachWeb or VolunteerWeb account with MailChimp and sync users’ details across platforms.
Export user information from saved searches to a MailChimp list for email communication. Each saved search can also be set up to automatically sync with a list each day so that new users are not left behind.

Payment Integration

  • Utilise a number of payment providers
Remove traditional paper based payment processes by integrating with additional payment gateways such as Barclays EPDQ to process payments on the platform.
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