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Posting content


Navigate to content>publishing desk to post content to your network.  There are four types of content you can choose from:

  • Text – for posts containing only text.
  • Link – here you are able to add a URL to a website (not video) along with some notes on what the link contains
  • Video – this is where you can paste the URL of videos along with notes.
  • Document – upload a PDF, JPEG, excel or word file for your users to see along with explanatory notes.

You are also able to choose which members on your network will be able to view the content:

  • News – this posts the content to the widget to be seen on your landing page and external sites (if embedded). For text content only
  • Adverts – For advert package only
  • Individual – posts to all coaches and volunteers connected to your organisation and will display in their newsfeeds.
  • Providers – will show on the newsfeeds of all providers/ employers connected to your organisation.

To share on Twitter you must first connect your Twitter account by going to Configuration>site setup>connect with Twitter and logging into your organisations twitter account. Once done, your content will be automatically tweeted.

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