Adding a page

When creating a page it is often much easier to Duplicate a Similar Existing Page.

By Duplicating a page, the existing content can be edited Simply without any Formatting Issues.

1. Hover over the “Content” tab and Select “Content Management”.

Content button


2. Once on the “Content Management” page Click on the Relevant Page that needs to be Duplicated.


3. Once on the Relevant Page Select “Duplicate Page”. A Pop-Up will appear asking for a “New Page Name” (The URL extension).



4. Once “Duplicate” has been clicked the Duplicate page will be Created.

5. Once on the Duplicated page the Page Handle needs to be changed. This is the Name of the Page and how it will Appear in a Menus.

6. Click on “Rename Page”.


7. Select the “Page Handle” name and Press “Save”.


8. The next step is to select the area that the Page will be Filed. Currently the page is saved in the area “/” because it was duplicated in that area.

9. To change the area Select “File Page” (The area that is chosen will effect the overall URL).



10. The URL extension will now say “/apply/user_guide_test”

11. Once the destination of the Page has been decided the Page Heading needs to chosen. This is what will show at the top of the Page.


11. After the Page Heading has been chosen the Main Body is then the next section to be edited.

12. Taking the copy that is already existent from the Original page, edit the content to say what is desired.

13. ByngControl should automatically Save edits that are made. However, to be certain Click “Save Copy Block”.


14. Once “Save Copy Block” is Clicked. The next thing is to Preview the Page before it goes Live to ensure no issues with Formatting.


15. After the Page has checked for issues and is ready to go Live, Select “Publish Page” this will make the page Live.


16. An alert will appear saying “Page Published” to verify that the Page is now Live.




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