DBS Checks have landed!

Before you start packing up your desk for the Christmas break, we’re excited to unveil more new features which you can take advantage of today. DBS Checks In collaboration with a 3rd party supplier (used by the majority of NGBs), users can now submit information for a DBS check using […]

Our latest release has gone live…

….and we’d like to let you know what we’ve been busy working on!   Employer Accreditation – We’ve improved the Employer Accreditation feature, making it easier to manage the verification process. Now, site partners will receive a daily email summarising what information has been submitted for verification, and employers will […]

Employer Accreditation and Other New Features

In the same way that applicants can be assigned compliance goals to work towards achieving, partner administrators now have the ability to create and assign accreditation goals to employers. This feature has been developed in collaboration with Badminton England to help them manage their Premier club (their version of ClubMark) Accreditation process, eliminating […]

Demo Sites and Other Developments

Our latest release has now gone live, so have a look at what we’ve been doing to enhance our users’ experiences. ProfileHub Demos We’ve created demo sites for all the sectors we currently support (more can be added at any time) with which prospective users can register, allowing them to […]

User Experience Updates

Bug Fixes and Developments Document resubmission – Fixed a problem in which administrators were not able to delete and upload new information for certain documents. Removed duplicate flash messages – On some pages, particularly the quick profile, there were some feedback messages that appeared twice which have now been removed. Event booking information export […]

Discover the power of Minimum Standards

The latest release builds upon the existing functionality to offer brand new designs, comprehensive information flow and verification: New progress bar shows how close users are to completing a given goal Minimum Standard goals are now separated so users can see exactly what is required in each. Term sets are […]

Design updates and new search criteria

New stream design – improvements on the layout of specific post entries, new file type logos, new video dimensions and button sizes. New navigation menu design – now includes a description of each section for desktop and landscape tablet resolutions. Fixed the reference request emails to ensure that links were […]

The new support system and other developments

Design improvements New module design on applicant home page including live information on how many opportunities, events and connections are available to the user. Added a home button icon to the applicant area. Improved feedback messages on registration. New contact icons on organisation contact details pod. More developments and redesigns […]