User Experience Updates

Bug Fixes and Developments Document resubmission – Fixed a problem in which administrators were not able to delete and upload new information for certain documents. Removed duplicate flash messages – On some pages, particularly the quick profile, there were some feedback messages that appeared twice which have now been removed. Event booking information export […]


The Goal The CoachMark goal is made up of the following criteria; NGB Licence – OR Level 2 qualification Minimum Age Insurance DBS check Safeguarding  Protection Children qualification Assigning the goal The CoachMark goal has been created at a national level. This means that you will not need to create […]

Adding a page

When creating a page it is often much easier to Duplicate a Similar Existing Page. By Duplicating a page, the existing content can be edited Simply without any Formatting Issues. 1. Hover over the “Content” tab and Select “Content Management”.   2. Once on the “Content Management” page Click on […]

Discover the power of Minimum Standards

The latest release builds upon the existing functionality to offer brand new designs, comprehensive information flow and verification: New progress bar shows how close users are to completing a given goal Minimum Standard goals are now separated so users can see exactly what is required in each. Term sets are […]

The Basics

Getting Started When you first login you will be taken to the admin homepage which shows you some quick stats for users on your network and the most recent changes to user profiles. Managing your users Clicking a user will take you to the front panel of their profile. From […]

What packages are available?

By breaking ProfileGuru down into a number of packages we are able to offer a more flexible platform to suit a wide variety of needs. The following list provides some information on the packages currently available however they may not be suitable or available for some organisations. Core Package 23 fields of data […]

Design updates and new search criteria

New stream design – improvements on the layout of specific post entries, new file type logos, new video dimensions and button sizes. New navigation menu design – now includes a description of each section for desktop and landscape tablet resolutions. Fixed the reference request emails to ensure that links were […]