DBS Checks have landed!

Before you start packing up your desk for the Christmas break, we’re excited to unveil more new features which you can take advantage of today. DBS Checks In collaboration with a 3rd party supplier (used by the majority of NGBs), users can now submit information for a DBS check using […]

Our latest release has gone live…

….and we’d like to let you know what we’ve been busy working on!   Employer Accreditation – We’ve improved the Employer Accreditation feature, making it easier to manage the verification process. Now, site partners will receive a daily email summarising what information has been submitted for verification, and employers will […]

Employer Accreditation and Other New Features

In the same way that applicants can be assigned compliance goals to work towards achieving, partner administrators now have the ability to create and assign accreditation goals to employers. This feature has been developed in collaboration with Badminton England to help them manage their Premier club (their version of ClubMark) Accreditation process, eliminating […]

Demo Sites and Other Developments

Our latest release has now gone live, so have a look at what we’ve been doing to enhance our users’ experiences. ProfileHub Demos We’ve created demo sites for all the sectors we currently support (more can be added at any time) with which prospective users can register, allowing them to […]

Bursary and Funding programmes

With the Bursaries package you can have users fill in application forms for funding opportunities through the platform directly. From there you can go ahead and view each application and process it as you wish without the need for a lengthy paper trail. Unlike other packages, the bursaries package requires […]

Sending batch emails

Sending emails to users 1. The Partner Administrator should carry out an Applicant Search for the Group they wish to email.Once the 2. Search has been carried out a list of results should appear. They should then click “Send Email”. 3. Once the “Send Email” icon has been selected a Pop-Up […]

The Publishing Desk

Posting content Navigate to content>publishing desk to post content to your network.  There are four types of content you can choose from: Text – for posts containing only text. Link – here you are able to add a URL to a website (not video) along with some notes on what […]

Managing your Events

Duplicate an event If you run an event frequently you may want to duplicate a past event and alter the time details rather than having to re-enter all the information again. To do this: Find the event you wish to duplicate and click it’s title. Select ‘Duplicate Event’ Edit any […]

Activate your event

Once you have successfully added your event onto the system it is listed as ‘inactive’ and will need to be activated before being shown to users. To do this, go to ‘Manage events’ to view all the events you currently have. From this page you will see options to navigate […]