Employer Accreditation and Other New Features


In the same way that applicants can be assigned compliance goals to work towards achieving, partner administrators now have the ability to create and assign accreditation goals to employers.

This feature has been developed in collaboration with Badminton England to help them manage their Premier club (their version of ClubMark) Accreditation process, eliminating the painstaking paperwork trail.clubmark

This feature has been deployed to the application and is available to be used by all. Get in touch by emailing support@profileguru.co.uk if you’d like to find out how we can help you manage your own employer accreditation process.

We have also improved the events listings in the administrator area making it easier to find your most recent past events, as well as making changes to our demo feature. On top of this we’ve fixed bugs that have cropped up, improving the user experience.

Lots more new features are still in the pipeline, so watch this space!