Demo Sites and Other Developments


Our latest release has now gone live, so have a look at what we’ve been doing to enhance our users’ experiences.

ProfileHub Demos

We’ve created demo sites for all the sectors we currently support (more can be added at any time) with which prospective users can register, allowing them to trial the site using ProfileHub with no obligation. Prospective users can then log in to the site and check out how a full licence would be beneficial to them, without the need to pay a penny!

Applicant Search

We’ve made significant enhancements to the applicant search feature, making it easier for administrators to search across their workforce identifying skills gaps.

Ongoing Support Issues

With all of this going on, we’ve also cleared up several bugs that users have encountered, as well as helping admins get the hang of the system.


Watch this space, as very soon you’ll be able to access our new background checks feature.


If you have any feedback or just a quick question, as usual you can contact one of the team through the in-app messenger. For anything support related, its


– The ProfileGuru Team